Individualized Consultation Services

We offer a wide range of professional consulting services to help you start a new business, picking the right entity, retirement planning, business plan preparation, IRS settlements and revenue growth strategies for any sized business.

We bring you the very best solutions for all of your consultant needs.

We offer a wide variety of small business and income tax consulting, whether it is forward looking business projections, equipment buying decisions, tax planning/projections or past tax or debt problems which continue to suppress your ability to grow and expand your business. We work hard to give you the information you need to best manage and grow your business. We value the trust you place in us and will work hard to continue ensuring that you have the best information available to assist you to make wise business decisions.

We also can provide you with additional consulting services such as:

Business Startup: When starting a new business, there are many considerations to make such as what state to incorporate in, choice of entity and the best entity structure, tax implications and much more. We are glad to help you get your business started from the ground up.

Retirement Planning Options: No matter what age you are, retirement planning is extremely important and there are many options to consider. Our team are experts in providing you with sound options for you to choose from.

IRS Settlements: If you owe the IRS, we know that can be stressful and even a bit intimidating. We can represent you and negotiate on your behalf for the very best IRS settlement so that you can have peace of mind and not worry.

Business Plan Preparation: If you are starting a new business, chances are that you are seeking funding for the startup of the new business. Through a proven strategic partnership, we can help you with a highly professional business plan, along with executive summary in order to help you achieve the goal of funding you desire.

Revenue Growth Strategies: Whether you are starting a new business, or have an existing business, there are many revenue growth strategies that can help you. Through a strategic partnership, we can help provide you the tools for success.